Complaints of non-charging battery for iPhone XS/XS Max

With the arrival of more copies of the iPhone Xs XS Max to customers, began the complaints of shipping problems on the rise, with many users on the forums to discuss the Apple TV Failure of the phones to the network automatically when you connected the cable provided, requiring some to open the screen with luminous entities can be charging, while it took others to remove the cable and install it again.

Despite the prevalence of these complaints, but they Of course don’t affect all users, where hung a lot of clothes the two phones is their ability to recharge without a problem, which is a pay channel Unbox Therapy work video is choose the number of phones iPhone Xs XS Max, where the results showed the existence of the problem in most of the units already.

This and didn’t know the Apple TV on it yet, but with the proliferation of the hashtag chargegate# on Twitter, is expected to drive the company to face the problem soon and solve it via a simple update.

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