Comprehensive comparison between Google One and Google Drive, and which one is right for you

Google provides two cloud storage services to choose from: (Google Drive) and (Google One) Google One, where you can use the free storage capacity of 15 GB in (Google Drive), or you can upgrade to one of the subscription plans in (Google One) service to store your files in order to access them from anywhere, but there are fundamental differences between the two services that you must know.

Here's a comprehensive comparison between Google One and Google Drive, and which one works best for you:

What is the difference between Google One and Google Drive services?

Google Drive provides a free storage capacity of 15 GB by default for any Google account, where users can store, synchronize and share their files via smartphones, tablets and computers, in addition to the feature of inviting others to collaborate in creating and editing documents.

While the service (Google One) is a paid cloud storage service, and it has different subscription plans with different storage capacities, in addition to other benefits, such as: the ability to share storage capacity with family members, access to technical support, in addition to special features for members, such as: balances Google Play Store, and rewards for members of the Google Store.

What are the main features offered by each service?

The (Google One) service offers additional and exclusive benefits when subscribing to one of its plans, which you will not find in the service (Google Drive), and the benefits of the service (Google One) include: family plans, direct technical support, and a refund of up to 10% to the balance of the Google store .

But the most beneficial feature is Plan Sharing, as this feature allows you to divide your storage capacity between up to five other family members, at no additional cost, by creating a family group.

Meanwhile, family members cannot snoop on each other's files, unless one user grants permission for the other to do so by sharing their own file or folder, but there is no way to allocate equal or specific capacities of storage to everyone in your family group.


Google Drive and Google One integrate with Google's cloud applications: documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, allowing users to backup, share, and collaborate documents with friends, family and colleagues, and both services protect files using SSL / TLS encryption. The two services are also for account holders to backup photos, videos, and contacts from iPhones and Android devices to their accounts in cloud storage.

Storage Capacity & Pricing:

The service (Google Drive) comes with a free storage capacity of 15 GB for any account in Google distributed on Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

On the other hand, the Google One service requires users to register for a subscription plan, as the service offers different storage capacities starting from: 100 GB capacity at $ 1.99 per month, 200 GB capacity at $ 2.99 per month, and 2 TB capacity at 9.99 Dollars a month, all the way to a maximum storage capacity of 30 TB at $ 299.99 a month.

So which one is best for you?

The decision is mainly due to how much storage you use now, and how much you expect you'll need in the future, and for most users the free default storage of 15GB may be more than enough.

However, for those who have countless large files and limited storage space in their device, subscribing to one of the storage plans offered by Google One will definitely be a good fit for them.

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