Comprehensive guide to address the high heat with the PlayStation 4

May cause high temperature excess damaging the components of internal been 4, and often do not have the user is the cause of the excess load on the system and normal, this step-by-step development of high heat.

Room towels and cleaning of the device

If you come across a overheating PlayStation 4 once first try to disarm it and leave it until it cools down, the suffered from high heat once again, you have to follow the following tips.

Make sure that the room temperature room towels, not hot or cold, and use canned air (compressed) for PlayStation 4 out of the following:

1 – unplug the device from the power source and its.

2 – spray the air on Petro through the slots fans and USB ports

3 – flip over the device, and sprinkler Petro on the suitable plug.

4. After finished wipe the device with a cloth of micro fiber.

After completion of the cleaning of propellers PlayStation 4, Make sure there is enough space for ventilation; while the device is designed to stop horizontally or vertically, it is recommended to place it horizontally to make sure the fans vent air to the maximum.

Make sure system updates and games

Not everyone prefer to play online, but be sure to connect the PlayStation 4 to the internet and lose the system updates from time to time, as may be the problem of the system or of a particular game and you can update the system, go to Settings > System updates > check for updates > click on Update button if there is an update.

Most of the apps and games given to auto-update in the default mode when you connect to the internet, and manually can make sure the updates go to the main menu of the game > options > check for updates > click on Update button if there is an update.

Space memory

Said storage space affect the performance of electronic devices in general, you can with PlayStation 4 To delete some games or buy an external hard drive, and a disk of 2 TB Seagate Game Drive for the PlayStation 4 at a price of 90$ on Amazon.

How do you know the consumption of applications and games from memory?

There are settings company home > storage > (then external storage if you want to check it out), to delete any content, click on the Options button to the control unit and set the deletion.

How to delete games from the Home menu?

The list of game knowledge, then down to Options then delete.

Cooling systems

If you’re still suffering from the overheating PlayStation 4, despite the experience of all what has been mentioned can experience cooling devices:

For 16$ you can get on the platform Ventilation Fans. Kootek Vertical Stand been 4, as they provide a place to charge the console, and for 18$ you can get it been 4 Pro.



Gone are the equal, more efficient, platform ventilation OIVO PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro Cooler works with all devices PlayStation 4, in a vertical position, and to provide slipping, and controllers DualShock at the same time.

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