Comprehensive test measuring battery performance on Note 20 Ultra – lower than expected?

One of the most important considerations at all when buying a new phone in particular or a new smart device in general is battery life, and in the event that we are talking about a phone that plays in the $ 1,200-1400 stadium (depending on the country), we expect this device to provide us with everything For this, and if you are thinking of buying a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, or even you are curious to know, we will share with you in this article a comprehensive test that measures the performance of the battery in the Note 20 Ultra. And I might spoil you with events and tell you that the results won't really like you. Battery performance in Note 20 Ultra

A comprehensive test that measures the battery performance of the Note 20 Ultra

Before we start, we may know that the Note 20 Ultra has a battery capacity of 4,500mAh only, and at the same time it offers a very accurate screen and also a frequency of 120 Hertz which in itself is energy-consuming matters, add to that the large screen size, and in the next test will be Performance comparison with the following phones:

Note 10 Plus / 4,300mAh battery
• The regular Note 20 / 4,300mAh battery
Note 20 Ultra / 4,500mAh
As well as other phones to illustrate the image, namely the A71, iPhone 11 Pro Max and S20 Ultra

We start with the test of internet browsing or mobile browsing in general:

Battery performance in Note 20 Ultra

As you can see, the Note 20 Ultra achieved an adequate result of 11 hours and 57 minutes, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max may have outdone it, while other phones from Samsung itself have varied their results.

Now we move on to test watching YouTube videos:

Battery performance in Note 20 Ultra

We note that the Note 20 Ultra is the lowest here, in contrast to a great advantage for the average A71 phone, and perhaps the reason for this is the screen resolution along with other factors, but we also note a remarkable superiority for the S20 Ultra.

Finally, groundbreaking (3D) gaming test:

Battery performance in Note 20 Ultra

As you can see, the biggest advantage was the A71, while the S20 Ultra 5G did well too!

Numerous factors influence the final use experience of course, but the previous test only gives us a general picture of the performance! What do you think? Does this test change your final decision in anything?

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