Computer graphics of three-dimensional explain the minor changes that will be coming out phones Galaxy S9


Based on leaks and rumors that we’ve had in the past, it seems that the two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 from Samsung in late February next coming minor changes to the level design compared to the Galaxy S8 current. Having said that, we’ve got today on computer graphics three-dimensional confirm that theory.

In most aspects, will be the Galaxy S9 new and different for the Galaxy S8 a few millimetres only. It seems that the biggest change is that the phone +Galaxy S9 will be shorter by about 1.7 mm compared with the phone +Galaxy S8, this is because of the change the position of the screen and reduce the size of the earpiece, as well as reducing the size of the bottom frame of the company.

However, there will be one major change, a change for the better. Will put the sensor fingerprint is now the bottom of the rear cameras of the phone Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9, but you have to take into consideration that the phone Galaxy S9 will put the camera in the background of one, while will phone +Galaxy S9 rear camera Double.


Although there is no obvious change in the sensors located above the screen, it was speculated in the past that the Galaxy S9 New will come with a new security called IntelligentScan a feature that relies on facial recognition technology and Iris recognition technology with determine the identity of the user. It remains to be seen whether this feature is mainly based on the software or whether it depends on the sensor additional.

( Some )Length The showThe sky
Galaxy S8148.968.18.0
Galaxy S9147.668.78.4
+Galaxy S8159.573.48.1
+Galaxy S9Sr 157.773.88.5


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