Computer images reflect the design of the Google Pixel 4, and the exposure of the phone with several cameras in the back

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The company of Google launching a phone of its leading this year’s Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL later this year, but will have to wait a few months before we see it moving on the ground. And even then, it has been today published a photo of new computer said that it reflected how it would look phone the Google Pixel 4. The biggest change is noticeable in this design is the presence of several cameras in the back.

Has been the company Google is committed to using one camera in the back in smart phones, Google Pixel even with the transfer of other manufacturers to the cameras, triple and quadruple in the back. Instead of using several cameras, the company decided to Google the resort to the magic of software to deliver great results. However, it has got Google to the point it is no longer possible in the company to ignore the benefits of systems of multiple cameras and the possibilities they provide to users.

Speaking of backend, it shows the sensor of the fingerprint there, and this alludes to the fact that Google will probably include this sensor in the phone screen the Google Pixel 4 or will instead rely on an advanced security system for facial recognition that Google has to add references to the advanced system for facial recognition for the trial version of Android Q.

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It seems that the dual speakers at the front-end is missing also. Maybe it has been replaced with the ear at the top, amplifier on the bottom to create the effect of stereo, as is the case in the Galaxy S10 for example. May be the company Google has made this decision to free up more space to increase the screen size without affecting the dimensions of the phone too much.

We can expect the emergence of embodiments additional phone Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL in the coming weeks. If we were to conclude anything from this, it is the advent of the flagship phone the next Google with significant changes to the level design.

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