Computer Microsoft dual screen may support Android apps, according to a new report

microsoft company

Long-rumored that Microsoft is working on a device featuring two screens will be launched under the brand Surface. Has suggested a recent report that the company presented a prototype of this device for employees. And now, here we are with a new report indicates that this device which are not disclosed his name official even now will screen two sizes the 9 inch, with dimensions of 4:3, and it will be able to run Android apps.

Refers the report to that device which carries the code name Centaurus, it will be able to run Android apps so that they will provide him with the Windows Core OS new. It should be noted that Windows Core OS is basically a light version of Windows 10 will be used in the devices of the dual screen in laptops for computers Chromebook.

It would be amazing definitely decide Microsoft to add support for Android. However, you will need the company to create an Apps store of its own to be distributed in Android apps, we will also have to convince developers to modify their apps even work without Google services and Play Services.

These predictions from the foundation for IHS Markit specialized in market research which indicated that they got this information from the supply chain. Furthermore, the same report indicated that Microsoft is planning to most likely launch this device the dual-screen in the first quarter or in the first half of next year.

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