Computers Chromebook with boot double may never reach the market

Chromebook Pro

There were rumors two years ago talking about the Google experience boot dual system ChromeOS with Windows 10 on computers Chromebook. Was this feature will enable the features Chromebook running ChromeOS and Windows 10 on the same machine. The results show that the new company Google has abandoned the project which means that computers Chromebook enabled boot dual US never reach.

Found out one of the users of Reddit that is deprecated code ” Alt OS ” from Google Inc for take-off Dual which allows to run ChromeOS or Windows computers Chromebook. It should be noted that there have been previous reports stated that the take-off double that was not too far away and ever year it was possible in the not too distant future.

The latest results also show that this is no longer the case. You didn’t tell Google anything about this, so it is not clear why the company decided to cancel this feature called code name Project Campfire. If we were to speculate, it may be a memory storage Limited is the reason here. May be you install Windows space 40 GB at least on the laptop Chromebook, an area much larger than the maximum memory storage that come by most computers Chromebook. You’ll be surprised to know the number of Chromebooks that do not increase the area of storage of about 32 GB.

It seems that the advantage of quitting the double didn’t get any new developments since December of last year suggesting that Google gave up the idea long ago. Thus, it can be considered neglect code as a confirmation that this will never happen.


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