Computers g LG’s innovative offering entrepreneurs the freedom to work anywhere

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Today we live in the era of accelerating the pace of technical progress, and watch every day how to integrate technology in the lives of people and change, and offer solutions to save time and give people a more comfortable life intelligently and effectively, in spite of all this progress, there are still large segments of the women in the world specialized the knee, and the “broadband Commission on Sustainable Development” to the prospect of owning women in many areas of the world the Mobile is less by 21 percent of men.

However, this is in our digital age is a huge loss in the joint gap is wide in gender equality, this seems more bright, More when we know that only 10 percent of the entrepreneurs of the internet around the world, of women, and this percentage increases slowly.

Revealed research conducted by the Global Fund for women that the difference that includes a number of women claim the distinction of being the smarter, faster, more creative, and Information Technology headed by women, an increase in the return on investment by 21 percent compared to companies emerging that are led by men.

It is expected that increasing women’s access to technology to improve these numbers much, and women entrepreneurs are increasingly organized work of remote offices that enable women to start their own businesses or continue their work from home.

Enjoy the latest lineup of LG laptops, grams more sophisticated, they are intelligent solutions and advanced reports directly to the forerunners of the modern business women who wish to freedom of movement to manage their businesses from anywhere.

The model has become the traditional workplace obsolete in this century, we need solutions that allow organizations to provide a balance between a person’s success in his job with the continuing development of his personal skills. This applies especially in the Middle East, forcing working mothers to abandon their jobs or to refrain from starting their new business because of a lack of independence or flexibility or time or access to the proper tools.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs in the United Arab Emirates, most new mothers who hold government jobs go back to work when the children of about six weeks, is what drives many of them to resign or request long-term leave.

Said Mr. Yong-Geun Choi, President of LG Electronics Gulf: “I always was seeing the LG and the value of its focus on attention to women, and realize deeply the importance of women’s contribution to the regional economy and its impact on access to the level of equality of the highest and the widest possibilities to work from any place, computers the LG G mobile designed specially for women who mastered to today’s success in the work environment very competitive which allows work from anywhere”.

Developed LG computer grams to make his body of nanocarbons almagestum, what makes it strong, durable and lightweight, it weighs less than one kilogram, to be the lightest laptop currently available of its class, and was able LG also added a screen of 15.6 inches to structure style, defined as style 14 inch by removing all the edges of almost.

The LG G based on the latest Intel Core processors of the previous generation, where the 512 GB of solid state memory, in addition to the type of memory DDR4, providing women the highest levels of performance and have a high productivity and creative matchless.

The device works operating system Windows 10 which is fitted with a range of other features that are associated the susceptibility of the development and accessibility to new heights, and is available computer the LG G in all the big stores and online retailers in the GCC.

Computers g LG’s innovative offering entrepreneurs the freedom to work anywhere

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