Computers iMac of the future may come with a projector built

Apple iMac

Site which we are witnessing these days with computers is that people either are starting to build additional screens or buy a single large screen. This can lead to greatly improve productivity because it allows displaying more information at one time, so users are able to keep a set of apps and sites open during the work.

It seems that Apple is working on bringing a similar idea to computers, the iMac. According to the patent invention have been discovered recently by the website Apple Insider, it appears that Apple is targeting the idea to add a projector to iMac, which would expand the computer screen digitally.

Says the description of the patent : ” it may be for the rear pane of glass or a transparent structure to another is through a picture projector to nearby surfaces through which the receiving sensor of image sensors and other light. Setting may be supported by need download. May react to the component of electric in case with an electronic device on the bus. May be associated with circuits of the wireless in the external component of wireless circuits wireless inside the structure “.


As you can see in the graph above, relate to the Apple TV to have the projector able to display images from the back to the computer on a flat surface such as a wall. It’s a very clever idea, but given that this is just a patent, there is really no guarantee that Apple intends to apply it on the ground.

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