Computers MacBook next may come with the cable resources glass lighting RGB

Apple usually register patents and trademarks many even use in the future within the organs, and another that the patent was Keppler resources computers, MacBook laptops, according to the patent that al might start to work on the cable resources of the glass supporting lighting RGB!

Patent New come as Transparent Keycaps (or buttons transparent), and if implemented by Apple, we start to see buttons cable resources, glass is a hardwearing and besides this, that the buttons may come with the properties of many additional non-design and shape.

Within the properties of the new buttons for going to war or the number shown on the button from the inside, and this by itself will not clear or erosion of this layer with time especially that the button itself would be glass and transparent, so being or hole content of the button from the inside will not be something difficult.

Apple Keyboard patent feat.

Source: AppleInsider

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