Concept shoot inspired by the iPhone SE why would you phone “iPhone 12 Pro”

Despite the fact that iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro has not reached a month old (since official launch), but the time has come to start figuring out what might look like the iPhone next year.

This design by Path of Design, which appears in the form of his exterior is a lot of similarity between iPhone 4/5 / SE, the display on that phone is scheduled to launch in 2020. This concept also imagine your iPhone without extrusion of the upper in the screen of the phone.

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Show the video clip of this design what to expect: design squared, which is still generally accepted versions of the iPhone earlier than Apple. We can also see the box camera with rounded edges with four lenses, as it carries the name “iPhone 12 Pro”.

Comes useful for further design of the quadrature of the old approach of Apple in the design of the screen without the edges.

The video shows a range of features expected in the new phone, including the screen of the ProMotion, in addition to the wireless charging reverse, a feature was committed in the A series phones iPhone 11, but in the end has not been released.

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