Conference Apple TV: Apple unveils Mac Mini updates new

مؤتمر آبل: آبل تكشف عن جهاز Mac Mini بتحديثات جديدة

Apple revealed today at its conference for a Mac Mini updates; new body of aluminium that can be re-manufactured by 100%, the base plastic can be re-synthesized by 60%, and contains a new processor Core i7 quad-core processor from the third generation can be upgraded for hexagonal cores; which makes it the highest in performance from its predecessor by 60%, the powered card T2 will speed up the device for 30 times.

While Ram can be upgraded it GB at a time that was enjoyed the previous memory random 16 GB and can be upgraded to 32 GB for the storage space of the SSD with a capacity of 2 Tera bytes and contains two USB ports, 4 USB ports C in addition to the Ethernet port supports speed of 10 GB so that it will be available for order from today will be on the market on the sixth of December 7 and starts at a price of$799.

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