Conference Apple TV: Apple unveils the fourth generation of her watch. the Apple Watch

مؤتمر آبل: آبل تكشف عن الجيل الرابع من ساعتها Apple Watch

Launched the Apple TV since a few hours its smart Apple watch, which make them distinctive from their counterparts in the operating system that rivaled one of which, a new design and faster twice than the previous one and on the crown of the electron in its side and also being a bigger screen than previous versions, and have enough battery for the whole day and on the GPS and copy them with the SIM.

The former is regarded the first and best-selling globally and have the number of users is large, it has become something essential in their daily lives in all areas that offer former service, you more provided by the former especially in the techniques of measuring heart rate and red blood cells and physical activity and sports owner, has been formatted in the new version to connect to a large number of other devices.

Enjoying the coast with SOS launched a distress call in case of Emergency as well as contain a property Emergency Contact automatically in the event of the owner of the accident and give him 5 seconds to cancel is contact emergency.

With the former also comes equipped with a heartbeat low where give an ultimatum to its owner and offer them advice to visit a doctor, and behind it sensor Cherokee grams ECG is considered the first device to offer this service in an instant just three seconds can buy it with ease.

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