Conference Apple TV: disclosure of system watchOS 7 for

Can’t the conference of developers WWDC to be without the announcement of the new version of the operating system watchOS hours Apple smartphone, and today was the announcement of watchOS 7 which will be featured very often.

The first beats using the system is the possibility of adjusting the draw clock Watch Faces and customize them further, you’ll be able to watch الـWatch Face that you are using directly with your friends or online! It is a fantastic feature. Maps on Apple Watch has got a big update is other with support and guidance when cycling.

Now it will be possible for the former to identify the Exercise Number and location, also will recognize the clock on the most popular types of dance professionally great.

Finally among the most important what has been announced it is tracking sleep! It has Apple announced that the application of the activity the Activity the App has been re-change his name to Fitness.

Feature sleep tracking will be user tips and also for better sleep, so it will be property of the Wind Down which will cancel any irritant can cause your phone to you while you sleep through the operation of Do Not Disturb mode and opening run quiet music and more..

The new system will use techniques of machine learning to the movements and thus control sleep greater accuracy, you will know the app is on the level of development when you sleep, so expect him to provide you with the reports integrated about your state of Health in matters relating to.

Finally it will act now automatically when washing hands as the former will be the cities that wash your hand through it! Here you can expect to advise you the coast between now and then to cover your hand to avoid MERS-CoV!

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