Conference Google: advertise your Nest Mini specifications improved

In the conference currently underway, the company announced Google us on your smart device Nest Mini specifications improved, but the design looks identical to the design of the version that launched in 2017.

Although it seems much has changed, that the actual changes and improvements internal gear, so that the device offers better sound than before and most importantly, pure, in addition to supporting the advantage of ultrasound, which will find out things near the lighting device, which is a fantastic feature.

The device also offers a custom segment for machine learning and artificial intelligence and is one of the plugins to make the device more useful, and the device will feature the intercom to speak with any speaker or another phone in the house, so that you can make a voice call from the Google Duo the sound transmission through the device Nest.

The device offers 4 options for the colors, there are color and one is light blue, which is made of a cover of cloth and pieces of plastic recycled increased by 100%, and will be available for purchase on October 22nd priced at$49

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