Conference Google: announced laptop Pixelbook GO system Chrome OS and a low price

Today within the events of the conference, announced Google on the laptop (laptop) Pixelbook Go new which will come at a low price in specifications and it will only come in a thickness of 13 ML m priced at 649 USD!

The new governor will have buttons cable resources luminous and powerful processor as its screen size of 13.3-inch will support multi-touch too! On the other hand, it will come with two black syphilis.

Reported to Google that this device is most suitable for those who are always outside their homes or their business and that’s why they call it “Go”! On the other hand the device will be battery operated for a full 12 hours and shipped the laptop for 20 minutes will only make it work for two hours.

The device of course will be running Chrome OS as Google promised that the device protects the interior specifications of excellent make the process run is done in seconds as it will get updates automatically and periodically.

The device is now available for pre-order in America and we expect his arrival for the Arab markets very soon.. what do you think about this device? Do you think that the system is Chrome OS good enough for you? We shared right now.

Source: Google

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