Conference of the Apple: a summary of everything announced by the company today

مؤتمر آبل: ملخص كل ما أعلنت عنه الشركة اليوم

Millions of people around the world wait conference Apple TV, while her lovers care to wait for the interface to poverty in their products or minimize them in case their specifications are available Android phones, while this and that highlights the most important theme revealed featured products new to the world.

The company has announced today about the latest in concrete products, of iPhone, hours Apple, which said they’re the top two best selling in the world market of phones or watches.

First: phones iPhone iPhone Xs – iPhone Xs Max

The company announced its latest handsets, which the iPhone Xs, which comes with OLED display high accuracy and clearly 2436 x 1125 of the existence of 2.7 million pixels sensitivity 120 GHz with the technology of audio and video Dolby Vision as well as imaging of the deep HDR and 3D Touch and the number of colors is higher than the former, it needs the metal structure of the stainless steel case is protected by a layer of glass.

The extra thing the other, he is coming with the chip or processor A12 latest processors the company, which can control memory and the efficiency of the phone as the case it comes faster by about 50% than the previous generation, as it contains the central processor hexa-Core, the graphics processor quad-core, and the nervous Neural Engine, this helps by about 5 million operations per second.

It also has a RAM of 4 GB and a storage capacity by 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, next to its support for Partner, two people raised in China, and support system the chip electronic in countries like the United States.

Speaking of the camera, it will come with a front camera support technology FaceID, clearly the 1080 and the ability to shoot 60 frames per second. While the rear camera they come Double lens accurately 12 Mega Pixel girl shutter f/1.8 and F/2.4 for each of them the ability to capture images better than the previous generation and the ability to shoot videos in 4K quality.

The iPhone Xs Max is an enlarged version of the previous phone, which comes with the same chassis, processor and camera, but it brings with a larger screen size with higher resolution to match the size, where the screen comes to $ 6.5 inches and a resolution of 2688×1242 pixels. Will copy the two phones ex in color space gray, silver and gold.

Before I forget, the battery in the iPhone Xs would pay more by about 30 minutes for a phone iPhone X, while the large phone Xs Max it wil last card its about an hour and a half for a copy X the former.

With regard to prices, the first phone will be priced at 1,099$, will be the second price to$ 999 and both will be available on September 21.

Second: iPhone Xr

And speaking of the phone the second night of Apple TV, which comes the benefits of less, it for iPhone Xr owner less the possibilities of bringing to the screen a conventional Type LCD police say she explained this type of screen ever placed in its phones, led by 6.1 inches and accurately 1792×828 pixels with a structure of aluminum and glass protection services, as would be the pregnant Wizard Apple TV A12 with a RAM of 3 GB and internal storage space of 64 GB or 128 GB or 256 GB, and will come with a camera composed of a single lens and accurately 12 mega pixels, With a front camera support technology FaceID similar to the phone of the previous two, but it will come in white, black, yellow, coral, blue, red.

This phone will be its price of$ 749 and will be available on October 19 for pre-order, IE after about a month of phones ex.

Secondly: Apple watch

ساعة آبل - Apple Watch

You think Apple watch over a smart watch best-selling in the world according to the company, where that feature their own trafficking, health and fitness makes it offers many things to the users.

The most important thing in an hour the new Apple TV was coming in a bigger size, where come the value of 40 mm and 44 mm instead of the sizes of the former 38 mm and 42 mm, i.e. by 35% and 32% from the previous version, as well as with the wider screen so that the edges become less visible with curved corners, you’ll also find the structure of the glass-ceramic.

New arena or fourth generation come with Dual Core processor with 64-bit, and higher speeds than the previous generation increased by twice, you will also get my microphone is better than the previous make calls.

Thanks to the large size of the market, they will soft better which is the case with multimedia, the next to bring its themes featured and animated background, which can be controlled by the user such as placing several timings during the travel to keep aware of the expectations in several areas.

He has brought Apple to another feature of the market, so that you recognize the situation when falling, which would help request automatically to the user after 5 seconds in case he fails to stop it.

Besides the advantages of the former, it has made Apple the sensor to measure the pulse of the heart, so that he can predict their heart rate or the pulse weak, which the user feels a problem to the nature of the lab. As it can be for planning electrical by placing the finger on the crown of the previous who owns a new sensor and then wait for the result of the planning and save it to view it on the doctor later.

Speaking of the battery, the company says it can hold out for 18 hours – all day almost, which is what makes them practical in use throughout the day.

And, of course, as is known, the former will support the connection, Bluetooth 5.0, a property determining the GPS location, as well as be waterproof.

She said the Apple watch will be available starting on Friday, September 14, in 26 countries, including the UAE, have we got the prices of the former official in the region, where it will be available at a price of 1,599 AED/ SAR for the regular price of 1,999 AED/ SAR for growth that supports the trend.

III: operating systems

Said the Apple to the major operating systems will be available very soon in copy final form, where that version of iOS system 12 will be available 17 September for iPhone and iPad. While it will be the system of Mac Mojave available for computers of the company on 24 September next. Which is the case with the system of Smart TV.

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