Conference of the Apple: the launch of the iPad Pro by my 11 and 13 inches with the edges of the less without the screen button

مؤتمر آبل: آيباد برو بنسختي 11 بوصة و13 بوصة مع جواف أقل وبدون زر الشاشة الرئيسي - ipad pro

Announced Apple TV a few minutes ago at its conference in Brooklyn New York for the latest iPad Pro which comes with the LCD screen dialogue-less for the first time without the screen button the main, as that screen comes pixel density similar to the existing network in the iPhone XR, which the company began selling it last week.

The company says that the screen comes with Liquid Retina which make the LCD more visible accurately 2388 x 1668 pixel density of 264 pixels which makes the total number of 3.98 pixels, and they come led by 11 inches instead of 10.5 inches because of the small dialogue, although the size of the complete device as is.

As the company announced the device last value of 12.9 inches, which comes to the same screen but with less volume due to the small dialogue, which is contrary to what the company has done with the device the smaller. As it comes thinner by about 15%, where it has become 5.9 mm compared to 6.9 mm for the previous generation.

مؤتمر آبل: إطلاق آيباد برو بنسختي 11 و13 بوصة مع حواف أقل وبدون زر الشاشة - ipad pro

Speaking of other specs, the iPad Pro has become the technology supports face recognition FaceID, thanks to the new camera in the device, which makes it more secure than any device tablet or computer, according to the company.

The camera provides a new possibility to control the device via the gesture, as was the case with the iPhone X.

And we come to talk about the processor, where sit the iPad Pro chip A12X Bionic with 7 nano meter, which is more efficient than the A12 so as to contain 10 million transistors, and the chip central processor octa-4 nuclei to accelerate performance, which makes the device faster 90% from the previous. It also has a graphics processor Sevens nuclear faster beat than the previous generation. This chip makes the iPad faster and 92% time than any tablets and portable were sold during the previous year, according to the company. So that the machine can do around 5 trillion operations per second.

iPad Pro

Brings the iPad Pro Battery long-term according to the term Apple use for the whole day, also protects the USB port C to transfer data faster, in addition to the storage capacity up to 1 terabytes. The device supports screen with a resolution of 5K in addition to imaging devices and equipment, musical.

Cleverly more of the basics of the iPad Pro, the device will come with a smart pen from the company can be charged by placing it in the top of the device, as is the case with the keyboard design, simplified.

It also brings 4 stereo headphones and a camera accurately 12 mega pixel at the rear, which switches the machine to the platform to take advantage of the techniques of augmented reality best ever, especially with Adobe apps last.

In conclusion, the iPad Pro screen 11-inch will be priced at$ 799, and the version will be the 12.9-inch priced at$999.

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