Conference Samsung: detect phone Galaxy Z Fuld 2 rollaway

During the Galaxy Unpacked now underway announced the Samsung on the phone by the folding region of the Galaxy Z Fuld 2, the phone has evolved extremely in comparison with the Galaxy Fuld first so that we are able to describe it as the new generation of Samsung phones folding of where the perfection of specifications and reliability.

Specifications phone Galaxy Z Fuld 2

• Screen and design

The phone comes in the dimensions of the body approach for the first, but with modifications to Lot design, the phone now offers a home screen $ 7.6 inches (when an individual) of a kind for sure with a frequency of 120 hertz, while the device when folded phone offers a screen measuring 6.2 inches which is an awesome number compared to 4.6 inches just in the for the first. The phone screen will bottle UTG folding, which will make it stronger compared to plastic.

The big screen will be carefully 1768*2208 pixels as leaks Additional, while the small will be carefully 816*2260 will be precisely 60 Hz, the usual, either and the fingerprint sensor is in the side of the phone.

• Specifications internal

The phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 865+ flagship just like the Galaxy Note 20 as it will support networks of the fifth generation, and in terms of the amplitude of the interior, we have up to 12 ram-type LPDDR5 for storage, as the device supports networks of the fifth generation.

• Camera

The phone offers a primary camera accurately 12 megapixel wide camera telefoto training accurately 12 megapixel camera is very wide (after) accurately 12 megapixel camera are the other and the front camera is strictly a 10 megapixel.

Z Fold2's hide-away hinge

Larger 7.66.2

• Battery

Will come the phone with a battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh like the Note 20 Ultra with support for fast charging capabilities 25 watt, while will support wireless charging quick ability 11 and it will also support wireless charging reverse.

• The price of the materials and provide the phone

Will Samsung in some markets users to modify the hinges as they wish in terms of color, as the device will be available in black, bronze, along with a limited version of the design of the top Bruno as was the case in the Z flip! So far not confirmed the price and tension.

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