Conference Samsung – here are all the products that advertised the beginning of note 20 Ultra and even Fuld 2

The conference of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in session already about an hour ago, and here we share with you all what was advertised briefly on to share with you all of the details in articles to come separate as I thought, the conference has included all the devices that appeared in the registry of a Galaxy Note 20 reset, the Galaxy Tab S7 before, the Galaxy Tab S7 flagship, Galaxy Watch Galaxy Buds Live!

1 – Galaxy Note 20: the sacrifices of many and not luck

Start with the phone Galaxy Note 20 regular, which comes with tremendous sacrifices in exchange for the pricing is not luck at all! The phone comes with a screen 60 hertz accurately FHD+ and measurement of 6.7 inches and is of a type for only with the back of the plastic (or again as called by Samsung) to the side of the cameras traditional sounding 12+64+12 megapixel.

The phone offers a processor Snapdragon 865+ flagship along with up to the 8/265 GB of memory which vary according to your choice to issue 4G or 5G, this while the phone battery with a capacity of 4,300 mAh battery with fast charging capabilities 25 watt only! Besides all this the price of by Samsung in exchange for 999 USD for less version! It’s funny.

Of course, the S Pen-Pen wave also offers new features and greater accuracy, but was moved to the bottom left of the phone.

2 – Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: a review of the muscle of Samsung

Version ultra of Galaxy Note 20 provides everything you might need which is normal, but that in exchange the price starts at 1299 USD and reaches 1449 USD or more🤣 the phone offers a screen measuring 6.9 inches with a resolution of 3088 x 1440 QHD display which will support a frequency of 120 hertz like phones Galaxy S20.

The phone is made of glass of course and main camera accurately 108 megapixel, camera telefoto accurately 12 megapixel camera wide very accurately 12 megapixel, while the front camera is the usual strictly 10 megapixel.

The phone offers a battery 4,500 mAh with support for rapid charging up to 25 watt only! Yes, the phone price up to 1440 USD offers fast charging capabilities 25 watt only! In terms of memory it offers up-to-12/265 GB of memory leading Of course along with Snapdragon 865+ Exynos 990.

3. the tablet of Galaxy Tab S7-leading: suitable for iPad?

Samsung unveiled the tablet leading the new Tab S7 in two different versions, the first with a screen measuring 11 inches type IPS LCD which is cheaper, and this version will be battery with a capacity of 8,000 mAh sensor fingerprint in the side, while the second will display the value 12.4 inch type OLED sensor fingerprint inside the screen, this is the version of the flagship tab S7+ Plus of course with a battery with a capacity of 10,090 mAh.

So, the versions tab S7 S7+ in short, differ in the battery capacity, the screen sensor footprint, but other understanding of same, where they come with a processor Snapdragon 865+ and up to 8/265 GB of memory (varies depending on version and country) and 120 hertz company, in addition to a camera background of binary strictly 13+5 front with 8 megapixel.

Will start the price of the normal version of the limits are USD, while the version of the flagship will play in the playground, 800-900 USD, and will pay express shipping capacity of 45 watt.

4 – headset Galaxy Buds Live: new design and support the ANC

Samsung has announced within the conference to hear about their new wireless which will come in the price in the range of $ 170 USD with a battery life up to 20 hours of use, also among its advantages is the comfort of the ear while wearing them as mentioned in the conference, in addition to charging them for 5 minutes would be for a full hour.

The fish come on the form bean (or kidney) and the sound quality is excellent as we knew until now, especially they are the large improvements of AKG, it also supports Bluetooth 5 supports Touch Control and management through a custom app.

5 – H Galaxy Watch 3: fierce competitor!

One of the best products announced by Samsung is hours Watch 3, which comes to please two different and they are 41 mm one value of 1.2 and 1.3 inches the company which come from the type for, and also the come to design thinner and lighter than previous generations.

Watches will be many features we will share with you in a slow and detailed, but as the conference season has given the attention of an adult for this year, the former will be able to follow more than 40 exercise you will be able to choose between 80 thousand designed for speed!

Coming to the previous price of $ 399 USD version smaller and 329 USD for the version older, while will be available in versions supporting networks fourth generation in some countries.

6. the phone Galaxy, Z Fuld 2 rollaway

Even now, I still have the information about the Galaxy Z Fuld 2 a few! But what we do know is that the phone has got a complete redesign and is the largest in the history of phones Fuld has Samsung, phone to offers home screen $ 7.6 inches when straighten and 6.2 inches when folded with the frequency support 120 Hz in main screen!

We have here also a camera background of the three strictly 12+12+12 megapixel to the side of the battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh like the Note 20 Ultra with support for fast charging capabilities 25 watt, too! In our detailed we will share with you all the details..

Even now supposed to be the official announcement of the phone in September 1 and will determine the price and launch date, so information is still limited.

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