Configurable sleep mode on a MacBook

We all know that when you close the lid the MacBook goes almost immediately to sleep. To conserve energy, background tasks are put on pause – whether it’s downloading large files or rendering of the video project. However, sometimes you want the laptop to perform tasks and when the cover is closed. I am glad that this idea is easy enough to make a reality.

To set sleep mode on a MacBook will help the app InsomniaX. The product has long been present on the market and distributed free of charge. Utility can be downloaded here.

So, how do you make the MacBook work with the lid closed?

  • The first thing you should make sure that you have disabled (SIPintegrity protection system);
  • After downloading the tool, toss InsomniaX folder “Programs”.
  • Running the application, we will see the following options:

Disable Lid Sleep – disable sleep mode when closing the lid;

Disable Idle Sleep – disable sleep mode when idle, the MacBook;

Disable Lid Sleep for – set the time during which the computer will not go into sleep mode when the cover is closed;

Disable Idle Sleep – time setting, during which MacBook will not sleep when idle.

In that case, if we want to disable the sleep mode when the cover is closed, activate the first option. If the sleep mode needs to leave, choose the third option and specify the time by accident specified time the laptop is “asleep”.

Very convenient that the program works perfectly from power adapter or from built-in battery. In addition, the utility has other options — you can assign hotkeys, audible notification, and also activate the low power mode.

Should take into account that the MacBook may overheat in this mode — especially during prolonged and high load. The fact that the laptop screen covers the exit slit of the radiator, making the cooling system inefficient. Therefore, this mode should be used with caution.

Download the latest version of InsomniaX

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