Configuration files in Android and Bay 0.9 show support for Galaxy S10 Plus next for 5G

ملفات التهيئة في أندوريد باي 0.9 تظهر دعم جالكسي S10 بلس القادم لـ 5GSamsung has launched the updated new operating system Android Pay 9 for a short duration, and did not actually conduct any new updates, but new leaks from the developers of the DXA showed that the updated Bay of the new case S9 Plus contains properties stating his support for the V, where the system needs some configuration files to the primary phone the next Samsung Galaxy S10, which support services 5G .

Showed file names of symbolic devices Beyond0 and Beyond1 وBeyond2 as intended بـBeyond phone Galaxy S10 next by three, and each of the devices of the three on the processor from Qualcomm, while will contain the device, encoded as Beyond2 is intended which probably someone else S10 Plus on LTE the fifth generation, Beyond0 and Beyond1 will be of lower specification than plus.

For the services of the fifth generation, some of companies in the United States is ready to provide this feature to customers at the end of the current year, which means that the Galaxy S10 Plus will be in full readiness to work in the United States, while will be the agents to sell their markets and the regions where the networks of the fifth generation of the world.

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