Confirm the form of the price of the platform Wireless Charge Duo from Samsung because it was on sale in Russia

In the time that the company is working Google for a smart solution to bring wireless charging and other advantages to the phones Pixel 3 is associated with, stop the leaks relating to the prevention of wireless charging that relies Samsung launched its smartphone Galaxy Note9 decision announced after 9 days.

Adopted Samsung in recent years announced a wireless charging Pad with its smart phones the leading from the series Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, which is what will happen with the Galaxy Note9, which will be announced on 9 August next.

The platform for wireless charging that will come with the Galaxy Note9 has received the approval of the Federal Communications Commission. the U.S. FCC in last month, and then it will support wireless charging technology rapid.

Andin a leak earlier back box platform wireless charging, which will carry the name of Samsung Wireless Charge Duo who confirmed what was rumored before that it will support the shipping can 25 watts, in addition to being able to charge two phones or a phone and smart watch at the same time.

Now published on the internet live images for the Wireless Charge Duo is for sale in Russia, thus confirming the form of product Accessories, Add to the price of its decision at least in Russia.

It appears from the photo that the product will come with the adapter and wire the USB to connect it with electricity, as well as the possibility of its use in charging phone Samsung another. As it appears they will stop at a price equivalent to $ 112.

What do you think of the design and the price of the shipping platform wireless Charge Duo is? Let me know in the comments.

The confirmation form and the price of platform Wireless Charge Duo from Samsung because it was on sale in Russia have been published first in are.

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