Confirmation of travel bookings best deals international flights via the app FlyAkeed

Download application fly sure FlyAkeed book the flights that suit you the summer of 2018

In the reception of summer 2018 seems a lot of people search for the best flights bookings and outbound travel, but many suffer from the problem of confirmation of bookings and find out the prices of flights and many of the things that people are looking for a person when you travel such as hotels and the prices and quality of the smart phone Certainly there is a lot of travel apps and bookings that provide these features , but through the Application download fly sure FlyAkeed will get rid of the reservations, wait, and enjoy the advantage of self-booking and confirmation of Travel Reservations, flight and you can easily access the best deals even in the seasons , Through this theme of our site how technique you will learn on the most popular applications of the Saudi tourism and Travel Application FlyAkeed latest version 2018 for the benefit of you and your family or friends when organizing and planning trips and vacations.

About the application of fly sure FlyAkeed :

Application helps fly free sure to book the best trip with ease and confirmation of airline bookings. And offers app to get the best booking by Destination, date of journey, number of passengers, preferred time to take off, budget, number of stops, duration of flight and the estimated degree of within fonts available.

App development company Leandiv a Saudi company specialized in the development of innovative applications to solve problems faced by people in various fields. Police found an urgent need to serve travelers on the airlines in the Gulf in general, and in Saudi Arabia particularly, on the one hand to find the flight bookings without waste of time and effort in the search for bookings, or having other options not preferred for the.

Application FlyAkeed is the only app that you can browse flights and the waiting list that have been fully booked for the issuance of your ticket once you provide your seat again , as well as to review and book the flights available on all airlines, local and global .

The most important features of the application FlyAkeed travel and excursions :

Submit application to fly certain set of features that make it one of the most important applications of tourism and travel, and has users constantly once you make the decision to travel to know these nurses in the following points :

  • The advantage of booking self

The application searches constantly for the vacant seats on the flight which suits you and book them for you without making any effort from you , just for the user to delegate the application to buy the ticket directly so as not to miss his date of repayment, or to buy them yourself before the end of the articles.

تاكيد حجوزات السفر بسهولة
Confirmation of travel bookings easily
  • Bookings come and go

Lets you fly for sure. the possibility of improvement in bookings the go and return any you can order to go and come back in book one or book two separate and this feature is enabled by the app in the last update, where you can easily check in the bookings or collected together, so as to increase the chances of its customers in obtaining booking.

  • The price of the ticket international flights

I don’t write my app to book any seat available, but patent to determine the price of the ticket desired, especially on international flights to any destination around the world on both saudia and NAS air, and soon will be adding Qatar Airways, and Turkish. The application will reserve decision on the price waiting for you once you provide the lender or falling ticket prices.

تحديد سعر التذكرة
To determine the price of the ticket
  • VIP membership or the membership of the Hawks

Feature a member of the Hawk to provide you a suitable place in the waiting list in the confirmation of booking where that priority bookings for employees of VIP membership and this is also a new feature available in the application of fly sure

  • Find out the details of the trip

Provides you advanced search engine that helps you determine your trip in detail on the circumstances of time travel, and the number of times the tension desired, the duration of the flight, the ticket price, and a selection of transmission lines available between the destinations. You can also save searches on the form of bookings are preferred to book it with the push of a button later with repetition of the same preferences, including passengers.

معرفة تفاصيل الرحلات
Find out the details of the flight
  • The best hotel deals

Through the reservation service of the hotels that became it offers you the application of fly sure you can find quickly on the Deals the last moment hotels, you’ll be by your journey to find the airline reservations and even find the best hotel accommodation.

  • Buy a ticket at any time.

Features that make the application FLyAkeed rival apps World Travel is the possibility of buying a flight ticket at any time be available as soon as the user confirms the booking , the app consists of buying the ticket at any time so that seats may be available in the late night or in the early dawn hours of the day, which wins over a lot to buy the tickets before the expiration date of the repayment. We have experience this service in the app and we found it very comfortable and other than the concept of airline bookings we have. The site offers charge a nominal administrative.

التواصل لشراء التذاكر
Communicate to buy tickets

Link to download the application FlyAkeed for flight bookings and hotel deals 2018

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