Confirmed the Android release 9.0 Pie for another eight smartphones

At least eight of Motorola smartphones will receive an upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie. The representatives of the company written on the pages of corporate blog. The manufacturer does not mention the exact release date, stressing that the spread of updates will start this fall.

It is not excluded that the list of devices compatible with Android Pie, is not final and will be updated as the availability of the manufacturer.

The Motorola smartphones that will get Android P

— Moto Z3
— Play Moto Z3
— Moto Z2 Force Edition
— Moto Z2 Play
— Moto X4
— Moto G6 Plus
— Moto G6
— Moto G6 Play

With the release of Android 9.0 Pie owners listed Motorola smartphones expect significant changes in their work. In particular, it will enable gesture control, an updated menu, multitasking, support for “smart” algorithms for energy saving and brightness control and more.

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