Confirmed the imminent release of “Yandex.Phone”

The company “Yandex” has received permission for the sale of the smartphone under the brand name “Yandex.Phone.” It follows from the materials database of the Eurasian economic Union. Despite the fact of any future trends in the Unified register of notifications of the characteristics of encryption cryptographic tools and products, it does not contain any information about the hardware and software characteristics of the device.

Smartphone from Yandex

According to industry sources, the release of “Yandex.Phone” could take place this year. The smartphone will be the representative of middle segment, offering consumers a price not exceeding 25 thousand rubles. However, people from the industry, familiar with the development of the future product were satisfied with its value in the Russian retail, accusing the manufacturer in a complete misunderstanding of the functioning of the market.

Yandex Alice

Given that at this stage, “Yandex” is focused on the development of artificial intelligence and related technologies, it would be naive to believe that the basis of the smartphone will not be voice assistant “Alice”. Brand development of the Russian search engine for the past few months available to customers in Russia in the form of mobile and desktop applications for different platforms, as well as “smart” speakers “Yandex.Station”, entered the market this week.

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