Conflicting statements about the launch date of the Galaxy Fold

There was a long wait for Samsung Galaxy Fold, while it was announced in February and set its launch initially in April, but caused many of the problems related to the phone’s delay, but might end up waiting almost according to Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Display, according to published position of The Investor, said vice president of Samsung Display, Mr. Kim Seong-cheol, I have been solving most of the problems of the show, and became the Galaxy Fold ready to get into the market”.

Conflicting statements

أخيرًا ووفقًا لتصريحات من داخل الشركة.. هاتف Galaxy Fold جاهر للإنطلاقFinally, according to the statements of the company. the Galaxy Fold ready to go.

And the statements that were released yesterday during an industry conference, on the tongue responsible another sure that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be put up for sale soon, adding Although we hope to solve all the display issues first, instead of “mostly” just, only to charge another network confirms the solution of those problems, although this claim seems at odds with the official statement released recently, which indicated that he was making “little progress” in the repair of those defects and that the phone will land in June or July, Which means we may not see it until after the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which is likely to be announced in early August.

It’s an interesting case of confusion, which makes us at the current time we are not sure of the official permit of the latter for Kim Swank, but we at least hope that this will lead to delays to a wonderful phone, and by the statements of Mr. Kim that the phone is ready in the raid, has also said that the phone Galaxy Fold when it is launched will get a lot of attention in the market, we’ll find out soon enough if this is true, or is it just a publicity stunt.

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