Congress questions to facebook and twitter and YouTube about off accounts

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الكونغرس يوجه أسئلة إلى فيسبوك وتويتر ويوتيوب حول إيقاف الحسابات

Confirmed to representatives of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, during a hearing on Tuesday in Congress, that in the event of the user on a very large number of alarms, that is, it violates a lot of rules of the social platform, it is going off his account, but the number of irregularities obtained by the user, and if his conduct is considered contrary or not, the issue is not clear for many users, including members of Congress.

Saw the representatives of the three companies before the judiciary Committee in the house of Representatives to shed light on the practice of content filtering of their own, where the session addressed a number of issues, the most interesting to talk about the differences involving companies social networking in the past year such as the Russian intervention in the elections and company Cambridge analytica.

He asked Senator TED Deutsch Ted Deutch from representatives of facebook and YouTube specifically to clarify what they do to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories on the house, also raised the issue of the Code of Infowars right-wing extremist, which published a video on YouTube accusing the survivors of the shooting that they were actors in the crisis, which is the video that stopped the YouTube platform at a later time.

She explained Juniper downs Juniper Downs, responsible public policy and Government Relations at youtube, that if a claimed individual or group to attack specific, documented, well didn’t happen and that you use the name or picture of the survivors of the attack, this violates our policy, and community guidelines YouTube on it in case I got the mask on three violations or three violations of the guidance community within three months, will be blocked.

Said Juniper downs, in response to a question about what was doing to stop the spread of conspiracy theories, the primary goal for YouTube is to reduce the content of low-quality and provide content more reliable in the first place.

The Committee also asked Monika Becker Monika Bickert, responsible for global policy at Facebook, specify the number of times irregularities that can be groups or pages or profiles stand before stopped definitively, received Monica that Facebook has a risk policy, but the limit varies depending on the types of violations different, but did not provide any other details.

And social media is fond of speaking of the instructions of community of their own, but remain big questions unanswered such as what is the extent of the imposition of these guidelines, and what it takes to stop the account permanently.

Said Baker, when I asked her congresswoman Karen bass Karen Bass on the options provided by the Facebook platform activists who feel that their content has been reduce ranked unfairly, that the Facebook platform has its appeal process to resume, but it seems that the bulk of the users do not know about this process within Facebook.

And hearing, and often to the political, where he put up a lot of the Republicans ‘ questions to representatives of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for the reason that content Pro-conservatives seemed to be controlled, and MP Matt Jay Kuntz Matt Gaetz about the reason for the continued appearance of the Facebook page encourages violence against conservatives.

And Democrats such as the vice-chairman of the Committee, jammin ‘ Raskin Jamin Raskin, the Committee arrange for the hearing to resume talk about the novel fairy is completely related to the focus companies social media against conservatives, Congress had held three months before hearing about similar subjects, where the Republicans about the leadership of companies to control or block the content of the Conservatives which is rejected by the companies.

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