“Connect” the game engaging and fun challenges your intelligence and your mind at the Android

"ربط" لعبة جذابة وممتعة تتحدى ذكائك و ذهنك في أندرويد

Owns Store Android Google Play good number of games and puzzles, and in these games, in particular, that the idea is simple but the practice is harder, where you need to run your intelligence and thinking outside of the box, generally in this article we have one of the new games in this area which is a Connect game available exclusively and fully on the store Google Play.

On the other hand, think the game on the style of words, the primary goal is not to find the given words from the letters not arranged, one of its advantages is the advent of its design and visual attractive and high quality, and the topics are very diverse, and accompanies the game’s music is quiet, the phases are estimated at more than 350 stage you your memory and challenge your intelligence.

More importantly, the game doesn’t require you to connect to the internet it is suitable for all ages, finally as stated previously the game link available on the store Google Play is free and full we system worth considering.

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