Conspiracy theory: should we be scared of taking over the world by Huawei

Huawei smartphones are becoming popular. Recently, the company took the second place on volume of deliveries in the smartphone market and clearly gave to understandthat next year she intends to take first place from Samsung. If you consider that Huawei supplies in addition to smartphones and the equipment for cellular communication, it turns out that a large part of our conversations and Internet traffic is routed through Huawei products. Many this is alarming and the government begin to think about how you can trust a Chinese company.

If we actively accept equipment Huawei around yourself, you need to have full confidence that she is a threat to national security. What the position of Huawei in China, we know very little. Say the company was founded by a former engineer in the people’s liberation army. But it is worth considering that the concerns on security demonstrated by the governments of different countries may be caused not so much by concern for the citizens, economic interests in relations with China.

Today, the network equipment Huawei, according to mobile operators from the USA, as well as equipment from other manufacturers, but it is much cheaper. It has very wide acceptance, but the United Kingdom already thinking about how to unsubscribe from future equipment Huawei for the deployment of 5G networks. In the future, the issue of security of network equipment is particularly important, as the network of the fifth generation will open up new opportunities for the Internet of things. Intelligent devices will surround each, and they will constantly transmit information. It is important to know that this information doesn’t fall into unreliable hands.

Today is very difficult to find proof that Huawei equipment will transfer some data to the party concerned. To prove that it will stop working at the request of the Chinese government, too, is impossible. Even if right now there are no traces of software for surveillance, this does not mean that they cannot appear with future updates. Meanwhile, Huawei actively moving on their own decisions in everything.

Think about how much you are willing to entrust all their talks and activities in the network of a single company comes from China? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

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