Construction of a new factory for cameras Time Of Flight to meet the demands of Samsung

Galaxy S10 camera

In anticipation of the high demand from Samsung, says a South Korean company specialized in the manufacture of camera modules to expand its business by building a new factory in Vietnam. By focusing on the manufacture of cameras, Time Of Flight, will the new facility on the Samsung service that will bring this technology into the hands of more customers later this year.

It was reported that the South Korean company MCNEX invested US $ 11.2 billion in the new plant and expects to start mass production of cameras Time Of Flight in the month of August or September. The report issued from South Korea to cameras Time Of Flight which will be manufactured close to the company MCNEX will be used in the Galaxy Note 10. However, you may not be MCNEX is the only company to supply cameras Time Of Flight for the next generation of Galaxy Note or other Samsung phones in the future.

Work Cameras Time Of Flight to activate the tracking the three-dimensional real-time by measuring the time it takes the reflection of a package of light on the surface, which is called Patmos the background in the videos and use augmented reality apps. For example, lets you apply Quick Measure of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G account the dimensions of the elements in the real world and measure the distance also use the phone.

For cameras Time Of Flight used in the front and rear of the phone Galaxy S10 5G, it was manufactured by another company in South Korea called Patron. It is said that the latter will continue to provide Samsung with this camera, but will not be required to provide the Samsung only camera Time Of Flight assigned for the interface background, while will be the manufacture of custom cameras of the front facade by a company MCNEX in its new factory in Vietnam.

However, the strange thing is that all the leaks we have obtained in the past and know not the two phones Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro without a camera, Time Of Flight in the front end, while using this camera in the back of the phone Galaxy Note 10 Pro only. Thus, you might say Samsung probably commissioned by the company MCNEX the production of cameras and Time Of Flight for the phone Galaxy S10 5G phones other subsidiaries of the company such as Galaxy A90 law.

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