Consumer expectations in the area of the brand during the crisis of the corona

Over the past three months, but the outbreak of MERS-CoV covid-19 radically the lives of people and their preferences daily around the world, in all over the world are encouraging people to stay in their homes to ensure their health and safety, and with the continuing spread of the epidemic of MERS-CoV have witnessed the use of technology and in turn significant changes.

The adore AdColony survey about the impact of MERS-CoV in Europe and the Middle East, Africa and Latin America over the past week to determine the behavioral changes resulting from the precautionary measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The age range of the respondents between 14 and 75 years, and specifically between 25 and 54 years in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and between 25 and 44 years of age in Latin America, of the most notable findings of the survey in the Middle East and Africa:

  •  The shift to online shopping: 41% of respondents turned to online shopping and 31% is to reduce the number of their visits to the market.
  • Rethinking public transport: 20% of respondents said they had reduced their use of public transport.
  • The increased use of mobile games to entertain self: 85% are playing games on mobile devices so Entertainment, while playing 47% of respondents play games on their smart phones every day, and 32% playing new games on their phones.
  • Home based business become more productive: more than half of participants (54%) are doing more of the household chores.
  • Ads that going user are more forms of ads favorable: 23% of the participants stated that they prefer ads that helps them to note the products that they may need, as it is advertising the user-initiated form the most positive in my 35%.

Say (Warrick Billingham), director of regional sales to buy adore in the Middle East and North Africa: “in the presence of new cases per day sources with MERS-CoV, it’s time to say brands identify their role and style of the guidance. You should remain calm? Or is that supposed to help this brand in control of the situation by showing understanding and value during these times of social isolation is?”.

The “cantar consulting” Kantar Consulting has released newly search to provide updates and insights for brands to manage the effects of the virus Corona and prepare for the future, in addition to the direct effect of the virus, and observations from the retail sector, research about the risk of recession year, includes a search also a detailed analysis of consumer expectations of brands.

In the following some important ideas contained in the report:

  • In the current period, the focus of consumers to basic needs, and they expect brands to supply and deliver reliably.

When we look at the purchasing habits of consumers from the moment that started the spread of MERS-CoV, we see they are speaking to personal hygiene, health and nutrition, household cleaning products. However, we can also see a decrease in the consumption of alcoholic drinks and luxury foods, the least perishable, such as fresh meat and fish products until now.

  • Thinking about consumers in the future as well as in their safety and Health current.

For the largest consumer concerns on the status of MERS-CoV and 30% said they feel panicked about running out of necessities of life, but end up to leakage caused by the panic, while 34% believe that this crisis will be the worst of the recession relative to the risk of losing people their jobs, as that 46% are worried about the MERS-CoV, and includes a 60% that the situation requires them to be more proactive in regards to financial planning and security for the future.

Consumers recognize the risks that threaten their health and safety, as well as lower commercial activity around them, what makes them think about the consequences that may be reflected on health, and economics if understanding the epidemic, if we consider social media, many are proposing the demand of restaurants and local businesses to help them to continue during this period.

  • With the increased awareness of consumers to their health and safety, they expect brands to appear care the same recognition and social status services and products they offer.

Consumer expectations of brands across various categories is 65% of the products and services of insurance which are health and wellbeing, 59% of the products and services of foods and beverages safe for use, and 56% of the products and services of the consumer goods are safe for use, and 55% of the products and services of the wellness which is the health and well-being, and also 45% of the bank products and services safe to use.

With the continued spread of MERS-CoV will continue to be consumers in gaining greater awareness and focus on health and safety, immediate needs, in this stage, if brands are able to support consumers and address their concerns at the level of immediate basic needs, and inherits the trust of the long-term.

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