Consumers are changing their iPhone as never rarely

The cycle of using the iPhone the average consumer has reached a maximum of 2.5 years, estimated by analysts at BMO Capital Markets. Increase cycle began in 2014, when on sale iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and is still going on, slowing down revenue growth from sales of Apple-branded smartphones.

Probably the reason for the increase life cycle of the iPhone is linked to the current development model lineup of smartphones when a really significant release, it only happens every two years. Thus Apple was able to satisfy both types of customers, one of which chose the model with the letter S and the other without it.

Should I buy the new iPhone?

Output X iPhone almost no effect on the life cycle of the iPhone, to the materials of the report. However, analysts predict that in nearest future last “ten” has all chances to increase it even more, especially if the iPhone 2018 will not be able to captivate consumers important innovations.

This year Apple, as in the past, Apple will launch three iPhone models. According to rumors, everyone will get a full-screen design iPhone X, however, only two can boast of OLED displays and thin frames. A relatively affordable version will be equipped with LCD-matrix, single main camera module and aluminum, not an iron rim.

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