Consumers not care about the new iPad Mini

The vast majority of consumers practically nothing to the line iPad Mini. It showed the public opinion poll, participants were readers of 9To5Mac. According to the results only 5% of respondents expressed interest in the compact Apple tablet is a new generation, the release of which could take place before the end of this year. Obviously, reduction of interest in the model was affected by the long absence of hardware upgrades, without which the compact Apple tablet, there are already more than three years.

Despite the weak interest in the iPad Mini, the most anticipated novelty of tomorrow’s Apple presentation, which will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of music, was the tablet — the iPad Pro 2018. According to 36% of survey participants, professional tablet company is their second device, the frequency of use after iPhone. With the appearance on the market of iPad Pro many users, according to their own statement, were less likely to include Mac, performing most daily tasks on your smartphone or tablet.

iPad Pro with Face ID and USB-C

“iPad Pro 2018 is the first iPad since The New iPad with Retina display, which I so admire — says the user with the nickname OneOkami. — Work with text, drawing, quick notes — I’m doing all this on a tablet almost every day […]. I look forward to the opportunity to work with mobile versions of Photoshop and Premiere of Rush, which I will be able to perform maximum tasks on your tablet. But if I can connect the camera via USB and import images directly into memory [iPad Pro], it will be amazing.”

MacBook Air Retina

But not only the iPad Pro makes user admiration. More than 20% of respondents stated that they do not expect any novelty as passionately as the new MacBook with Retina display. Since the era of the MacBook Air already gone, the range of Apple unequivocally needs in a compact and affordable laptop with screens at least 13 inches and high resolution, suggested by the survey participants. But most importantly, they note that Apple has appointed a new adequate price.

This is the second road show Apple during the last year. The first was the Chicago event dedicated to the release available iPad 6. But tomorrow’s event promises to be much more rich in novelties.

What Apple will unveil at the presentation October 30

  • iPad Pro with support Face ID;
  • 13-inch Retina MacBook;
  • AirPods second generation;
  • Apple Pencil pen second generation;
  • AirPower (release not confirmed);
  • iPad Mini 5 (release not confirmed);
  • Updated iPhone 7 (release not confirmed). will conduct a text broadcast of the event on the live page. We start at 17:00 Moscow time. To discuss this and other Apple news in our Telegram chat.

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