Contact voice over LTE VoLTE applies in Egypt with the “contacts” report from Ericsson

الإتصال الصوتي عبر الجيل الرابع VoLTE ينطلق في مصر مع "إتصالات" بتقنية من إريكسون

Etisalat Egypt, announced the launch of the first communication service through the network of the fourth generation (VoLTE) in Egypt in collaboration with “Ericsson-Ericsson”. The new technology made high-quality voice calls, faster call 35 times that of conventional audio calls that take place through the networks of current cell phones.

Take complete direction in voice calls via the network of the fourth generation less than two seconds, compared to ten seconds on the network gas a technology, VoLTE, and provide a voice clearer and more realistic with less noise. Users can make calls the new technique and the use of data services via the mobile phone at speeds of fourth-generation at the same time, without impact on the speed of data transfer.

Is Etisalat Egypt is the first company in Egypt to provide the technology of VoLTE to its customers, where it is expected that the number of participants in the voice services through technology VoLTE to 5.4 million subscribers around the world by the end of 2023.

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