Continental introduce the concept of two new to assess the tyres for more safety and comfort

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Revealed continental Continental, the German company leading in the sector of the tire industry, auto feeder, has unveiled two models of the new tire designed to provide driving experience safe and comfortable in the future, has been the development of the two new ContiSense وContiAdapt to implement the process of ongoing monitoring of the status of the frame and on the Conditioning frame of the hand characteristics of the performance according to the prevailing circumstances.

Rise technical ContiSense on the development of the components of the rubber connector electronically which can send electrical signals from the sensor in the frame to the system receiver in the car, and the sensors associated with on the rubber to control the depth of the surface of the frame and he’s at the same time, so that they put value that is measured if greater or less than the preset to be stimulating the system to alert the driver immediately, in the case of penetrating anything to the surface of the frame, is closed circuit in the frame which required immediate warning to the driver before the tire landing.

In the future, will buy the system ContiSense on additional sensors to take advantage of them separately, so that they can tell the framework to remote sensing of a range of factors such as the surface of the road and he’s terrain and send the information to the driver, and data is transferred directly to the vehicle or to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

And technology ContiAdapt on a range of compressors is the “Kompressor” minutes built-in framework to modify the tire’s air pressure to suit the modifications on the width of the bead and the frame, and thus the system can modify the size of the tide with the road surface, a factor which is vital and important in different conditions of roads with respect to safety and comfort alike.

The technique ContiAdapt perfect adaptation with four different conditions: Surfaces wet, uneven, slippery and regular, for example, characterized by the contact patch on the road smaller and university level with high pressure air frame with lower resistance rotor, which allows to enjoy the value of effective energy on the roads soft and dry, while on the other hand, the combined contact patch larger and lower air pressure the frame is perfect on slippery roads, it also allows the system to adjust the tire’s air pressure at very low levels less than a single bar “14.5 psi”, and Which helps in enhancing the driving easier on rugged sand and climbing sand dunes.

Has been displayed under a model with ContiAdapt in the Middle East the month of last December through the effective Contivention established by continental in Dubai saw the launch of the generation 6, The first set of tyres the company developed specifically for the Middle East.

Said José Luis de la Fu, Executive Director of the company continental Middle East: “it was great to actually see the level of interest in the framework of the new model and ContiAdapt from our partners, media, eminent in the region, and will not pass a long time before these become concepts real, has always marked our commitment to adult assessment of new technologies within the automotive sector so that gives customers the experience of driving more and more security”.

Add to this, the continental collection technique. ContiSense and ContiAdapt in the framework of a typical ONE offers the advantages of both systems to make the most of them, are considered continental these two concepts of the Special Report frames two solutions promising for the transport sector in the future, where the tires meet the needs of self-driving systems, electric vehicles, and the resistance low State, for example, enable electric cars cut from longer distances through the process of charging a single battery, at the same time, frames can be adapted to suit the preferred options for the driver or respond to sudden changes in the weather.

These constitute new concepts for the frames subsequent steps in the process of the future development of the sensor REDI’s continental launched the first time in 2014 and is considered pivotal in the establishment of the clever balance between vehicles and tires.

And concepts techniques New tires two basic techniques in the transport sector are ContiSeal insulation automatic the holes, and ContiSilent to reduce the audio output from the tire or the road.

It is through the enjoyment of long experience of more than a century in the field of techniques for frames and equipped with in-house expertise in respect of electronics, vehicles, information technologies and the automobile, working a continental regularly to align their products with the future requirements of self-drive and electric transport.

Continental introduce the concept of two new to assess the tyres for more safety and comfort

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