Continental unveils innovative solutions and services in the global forum for mobile devices MWC 2018

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You continental Continental is a manufacturer specialized in the sector of the tire industry, auto feeder, and to map the process of change cars of the future by converting them effectively to Tools points.

I will say the company through the global forum for mobile devices MWC 2018 , which is currently held in Spain using the latest technology associated with the automotive sector which enables vehicles to stay connected at all times, whether through telephone calls, broadcast music files across the Internet or access without a key.

Starting this year, any new car in Europe to be equipped with a card SIM which enables vehicles to make an emergency call in any time, in the Middle East, only the plan of the United Arab Emirates step the prominent within the automotive sector related to, enabling the telecommunications company National Telecommunications the adoption of the first vehicles are to connect in the region through the installation of small devices which operate through the card SIM.

As some of the regional states recent disclosure of economic plans long-term with a strong focus on diversification, while governments and investors to invest strongly in a number of vital sectors which include sector techniques.

Said Helmut macchi, member of the Executive Board and head of the internal compartments in the company continental: “it started with smartphones and then tablets and now cars, the vehicles will soon become part of the world relating to some other state authority within the nature of the use of the digital daily of the people, we will confirm by showing us the challenges to get a permanent connection to the internet and enjoy e-security is important to ensure the integration and complementarity of mobile devices and processes the axiom without any problems”.

Form a continuous cover and high-quality of mobile networks is a central element for the drivers wishing to expand the use of their digital to the field of leadership, and under the suffering of some areas, including some parts of the Middle East, from the poor coverage and the response time is long, the interruption of phone calls and continuing to broadcast music over the internet is not something strange.

Here it is, the continental Development Unit, Department of predictive communication working to collect data about the quality of the network through the mobilization of sources and use this data to generate a map for available networks Mobile Communications and the level of its quality.

Based on these results, the program can say, for example, informs drivers that their phone call will be interrupted and tell them how long will be the quality of the network is good enough to follow the call.

The entry of the vehicle without a key

The episode related in smart vehicles via open by default in smart phones to make the process of renting a vehicle is more affordable and relevant for customers and leasing companies alike. The technology enables Key as a Service of the continental enjoy the experience of renting with the advantage of access to the vehicle and let run the engine without a key .

The main ingredient in all of the entry systems smart Continental is the key to default in the smartphone, which includes feature detection of fraud, it is clear that the key entry just after the verification process a successful one, is then sent to the smartphone through the medium of the wireless.

With regard to the By access integrated through the smart device, the system uses several modules for working with Bluetooth low energy in the vehicle to enable the locate smartphone authorized by both internal and external, once you recognize the smart key authorized, the system allows when to open the vehicle and run the engine.

Smart phones expand the scope of vehicle technologies

There is the option to view the last data of the vehicle via smartphone is with the help of re-filling the tire with air, where it is continuously display the tire pressure of the current, and through the application exists in the mobile devices, the users can also activate the option of the person, such as the location of the seat, settings of the air conditioning system and entertainment options.

In order to ensure not affected by the process of pairing the different smartphones because of the battery, you will know continental also its platform smart multi-function in the forum MWC 2018.

This product charge smart phones wirelessly via Bluetooth and communicating NFC through the main unit to the vehicle.

No connection without security

For ensuring the system security necessary to take advantage of Digital Solutions, working lot Elektrobit, the company is sub-continental with the new member in the family Argus cyber security Argus Cyber Security, providing solutions and Services security final multi-layered communications car.

It includes the feature of detecting any intrusion on the network on and off, providing protection, monitoring and management of the health system to achieve full protection in fleets of connected vehicles, in addition to doing the update the software wirelessly.

Vehicle data remotely

Form the data platform remote vehicle Remote Vehicle Data – RVD from the continental basis for innovative services available, and access product supplier to the data of the vehicle specified by the manufacturer for a variety of types and models of vehicles.

Targeted technical RVD vehicle manufacturers, agents, leasing companies, fleet operators, maintenance workshops, insurance companies, and provide these Product solutions to the final integrated IT copes smoothly with solutions continental cloud standard associated with services centred around communication.

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