Control of children through the browser


We’ll here to the theme you can learn all the movements made on your phone, which means in short you will be able to know everything that happened on your phone in detail.

Of course, you’ll wonder what are the things that will save me this company .

I tell you that this company will give you all the names of the videos and even links to videos and images of videos that have been shared the day and the time, as it will give you the names of the apps downloaded from the Play Store so that teach you when to use these apps on the phone Day and add to the images I saw on the internet.

Even Operations Research and information that you are looking for in the internet and so many things you can know in a simple way.

We’ll talk about your Google Chrome browser or the Google Chrome application.
From there you have to stop clicking on the following link :

Immediately goes to a page showing you all of your activities and all the videos and Google Maps that I ever saw her on the phone with you and determine the time.

To see more details.

To find out how to delete this data or some of them, click on the three dots in the top right and then choose View element, and will give you all of the activities on your phone by day, of course, all of this data will be preserved in the record of your activity on the email you are using in your phone.

As for the method of deleting these activities from e-mail by clicking directly on the three dots in the upper left, then click on the option to delete the activity and then determine the things that you want to delete from the activities found on your phone after the selection click on Delete button at the top of the screen.

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Control the children by the browser

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