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Facing the giant social networking Facebook new indictments on the participation of the private data with the users with third parties, following the publication of the reports shed light on how the arrival of the giant Russian Internet who doesn’t signs on the Russian government to data users, according to the recent reports that Facebook granted private access to users data a year after 2015, any non-canceled Facebook officially is allowing third-party applications access to user data.

Since March last spread the news about the political consulting firm of Cambridge analytica Cambridge Analytica, and the use of the application on Facebook to gather data about 87 million people without their consent, therefore forced the social network to respond frequently on how the grant by the data users and gave that data. In the wake of the scandal, immediately rushed to Facebook to defend himself in the publication via his blog, saying: “he’s in the year of 2014 has been changed to an element in the API to prevent apps from collecting data of Friends of users, as did the application of buy Cambridge analytica”. Since then explained Facebook that despite of the announcement of this change in 2014, however, applications that they have access to the data of Friends of users listened to the content of the right to access this until the month of May 2015.

Approved by Facebook then in more than 700 pages of written responses -which were delivered to the Committee on energy and Commerce in the house of Representatives late last month that some applications may get this access for a longer duration up to six months, in order to allow him to comply with the new rules . There was dozens of a third party app within the menu, including apps dating like a Hinge and broadcast music such as but Spotify, but surprisingly is the presence of the giant Russian Internet inside This menu.

According to facebook: “was given to extend the for two weeks to the edge on the two apps for messaging which enable users to see lists of friends, their Facebook and communicate with people who also have apps during the Addendum. At least the app was available only to access lists of Friends of the people and not any information about your interests or concerns these friends”.

Added facebook: “the has run hundreds of applications on our platform which all work under the old rules of Facebook, which allowed app developers to collect data of Friends of users have started some of these applications work in the early part of 2009”.

A spokesman said Facebook “some applications have been built by the changing the rules of our platform in 2015, so they had access to the older version of our platform, this made it possible for users to consent to share information about themselves and their friends as well. “

He said facebook :the most apps it was the application of the test has been private and only a few have been released publicly. Which is not to share the details about the number of users who may have applications to obtain their data without their consent”. The company added that the range of applications I don’t have access to the data of Friends of users since May 2015, after having been changing our API.

Until now still Facebook is entitled in apps along with all the other apps that had access to large amounts of data to users before the changes, but the spokesperson says: “the investigation is not considered a conviction in itself, we didn’t find any indication of misuse with If we discover any suspicious activity or abuse potential, then we’ll review the activity of the company in an official capacity”.

In a statement to Wired, and wrote a spokesman saying: “assume that while changing the API of facebook, the company has changed the conditions for customers who have a common application and is updated to the latest version, we’re sure we treat Facebook seriously to meet the needs of the business our products in accordance with the Regulations of Facebook”.

The fact that Facebook has brokered the extension to allow applications it may not be a surprise to people who are familiar with the relationship of Mark Zuckerberg with Yuri Milner Yuri Milner Russian billionaire and founder of one of the investors of the co in Facebook.

For its part, a spokesman said Milner in a statement: “not involved Yuri Milner in management as Chief Executive Officer for since 2003, after a short period from the IPO to in 2010 he sold all his shares in the company, and in 2012 resigned from the Board of Directors did not participate since then.”

Over the past year reports have emerged about the relationship of miles with the Kremlin. In the month of November 2017, especially in the wake of the so-called leaked documents Paradise the Paradise Papers which led to the diversion of 13.4 billion Secret document relating to payments of Foreign Affairs, has stated in the report of the New York Times reported that Milner has received hundreds of millions of dollars of government funding, the Russian, which was used in part to invest in both facebook and twitter through his company, International Investment, DST Global.

While there is nothing in the reports indicates that the investment was part of the operations and influence of the Russian, but the news spread after the United States began a federal investigation on the Russian intervention in U.S. elections. And then defended Milner about his reputation in an open letter last fall, saying:” If you accuse him of trying to sneak into US technology companies to help Russia believes an accusation is not realistic and closer to the story of the fictional”.

In a statement after the disclosure of the issue of the Cambridge Asia, said Frank Palo member of the Committee in the house of Representatives: “the answers to facebook on Congress to raise more questions than answer them, it is disturbing that, after four months of the emergence of this scandal, still Facebook doesn’t know how many other third parties that have data of its users and how this data is used today.”

Said democratic Senator mark Warner who is entitled in the hills of Russia to the means of social communication as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said in a statement: “we need to determine what the user information that has been shared with the site Russian and what he did to the Russian website with the data obtained”. Was Warner the concern of his own to the major players in the, including the main investor in Usmanov Alisher Usmanov, to boast close relations with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the very least, the fact that comes to Facebook is that much of the information still on the issue of leaking data users after nearly a year of the start of the investigations in the hills of Russian actors to the prevention it indicates an obvious lack of transparency on Facebook. It is through the thousands of responses to the house committee, asked Facebook repeatedly asked if it was possible for the agencies of the Russian government access to the data of its users, WordPress Facebook saying he had received 34 requests from the Russian government to obtain data in the period between 2013 and 2017 did not provide any data in response to any of them.

Experts say: “the deal to be considered now along with the data given by Facebook, Inc device manufacturers including Chinese companies such as Huawei, it reflects the naivety of the side of Facebook on the power possessed by the international regulations on businesses within its borders.”

As Brett said bruin an American diplomat he served as Director of global engagement in the era of President Obama now runs the company’s Global Situation Room Advisory: “if you are a businessman Ross at a certain level, you can’t get away from requirements that will be added by the intelligence services of the Russian, this is the reality of doing business in Russia today”.

As pointed out by bruin that this is not something unexpected from Russia, and that the National Security Agency in the United States have found methods of their own before that in getting the data from American technology companies, as explained Edward snowden, former contractor with the NSA, the American. Look scandal Cambridge analytica little compared to what you can do for the CIA-sponsored state with all of this data.

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