Cook defends decision to remove the application explains why

Cook defends decision to remove the application explains why

Payer (Tim Cook) – CEO of Apple – announced on Thursday the company’s decision to remove the application to track the company uses demonstrators in Hong Kong App Store affiliate, according to a copy of a letter addressed to the employees of the company seen by the agency Reuters, and confirmed by Apple.

In a letter to the internal site for Apple, Cook said: the information contained in the application, including websites shared by other users of police checkpoints and points of trade to protest, is nothing “benign”. He added: “It is no secret that can use technology for good or evil. This case is no exception.”

Cook wrote that Apple adopted its decision on “reliable information” from all of the Hong Kong police and the users of the Apple TV in Hong Kong that the application may use the “harmful to target individual officers for lead damage to persons and property where there are no police”.

Cook said: “this usage makes the app violates the law of Hong Kong”. He added: “Similarly, the misuse of the broad violate the guidelines of the App Store, which prohibit personal injury”.

The Apple has taken the decision after a day of driving one of the press Chinese government to write comments criticizing the company for its approval of the application.

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Cook wrote in his speech: “national and international debates will keep after all, and despite their importance, they do not control facts.” He added: “In this case, we review carefully, we believe that this decision protects our users better”.

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