Cool feature Xiaomi Mi 9 steals battery power

Cores, gigahertz and gigabytes gradually become less interest to users and manufacturers had to find new points of contact with the audience. After all, if the consumer is not interested in anything other than a stable working interface is a real disaster for the industry, which is likely at the root to undermine its stability. As a result, some have relied on the camera, starting to increase the number of modules, while others focused on the displays, decided to increase their frequency. Only to do it competently turned out not all.

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The company Xiaomi has equipped the flagship Mi 9 display with a refresh rate of 84 Hz, and then is forced to restrict this rate by setting it at 60 Hz. Initially the reasons for this decision was unclear, but later, when enthusiasts were able to activate the mode, 84 Hz, everything fell into place.

How to extend the time of the smartphone

The thing is that in this mode, the Xiaomi Mi 9 consumes significantly more battery resources. Obviously, the engineers failed to optimize the power consumption, but because they have not found anything better how to disable the innovation was to become one of the main pieces of the flagship.

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As the test showed, on average, Xiaomi Mi 9 mode enabled, and 84 Hz for one hour less (5.5 hours) than a 60 Hz (6.5 hours). For most of this difference may be significant, given that fully feel increased frequency only in games.

Why you need a 120 Hz screen

The usefulness of the increased speed of display refresh is the cause of many disputes. Some believe that this feature is important as it allows for a fresh look not only at games but also at the interface of the smartphone, which begins to run even more smoothly. While others hold a completely opposite opinion, believing that there is no practical advantage in the increased screen refresh rate simply does not exist, since even the budget smartphones run more than smoothly and do not suffer from twitching of the interface.

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