Cooperation between Waze with Castbox deliver a podcast dedicated

Since Google purchased the service Waze, everyone was afraid to kill the application and issuance of a worse version of it in Google Maps, as is the case with some of the services that it owns. But on the contrary has provided many advantages which delays the experience of the podcast in collaboration with Castbox.

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تعاون بين Waze مع Castbox لتقديم تجربة بودكاست مخصصةCooperation between Waze with Castbox to custom podcast

Where recently, the call Assistant Google and Carpool, and today acquires Waze support with Castbox.

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The announcement comes after the integration of the Pandora and Disney, and iHeart Radio and NPR One and Scribd and Stitcher and TuneIn earlier this year,

In turn, some of these services run files of the podcast, but not like a dedicated application such as Castbox you can control it through Waze.

For usability, you can connect Castbox with Waze, as is the case with any of the applications mentioned above.

Make sure you install Waze and Castbox on your smartphone.

Then click the photo icon in the application Waze, so you can control your audio files directly from the interface development.

After that you’ll be able to now enjoy with your favorite audio during development, but don’t forget to focus on driving while you are in the car and stay safe.

Here you need to download the latest version of the application, as we have pointed out must be installed every applied to take advantage of this property.

And to download the application Waze go directly to his page from the store Google Play from here.

And to download the application Castbox go directly to his page from the store Google Play from here.

Recall finally, that the camera speed limits, durability and exclusive in Waze, has been transferred recently to develop Google Maps.

Can take advantage of them by notifying you of the existence of a camera to improve the speed of your car, or simply notify you that you have exceeded the speed limit required in this way.

More worthy to note, that all fields up gradually for all users of Google Maps around the world.

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