Coral reefs may completely disappear in the year 2100

Regular readers of our site surely aware of the fact that seas and oceans can no longer provide animals and plants the ideal conditions for life and growth. This is because ocean water is rapidly polluted with plastic wastes are heated under the influence of high temperature and highly oxidized. The problem becomes so serious that scientists began to assert that by the year 2100 our planet there will be no coral reef. But they are considered “marine rainforests” and are the habitat of many fish, mollusks, worms, crustaceans and coelenterates animals. It is also known that some coral reefs protect the shore from the waves. But how the scientists were able to learn that so important a geological structure can disappear already after a hundred years?

Coral reefs are home to many living creatures

Disappointing forecasts shared by the press service of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Scientists have long been aware that coral reefs are on the verge of extinction. They are constantly coming up with technology to slow the destruction of the habitat of thousands of marine animals. For example, in 2019, the researchers from Australia and the UK have found a way to attract the attention of fish to dead coral using sounds of a lively marine life. If you believe the authors of the article in the scientific journal Nature Communications, involved the fish may save corals from extinction. But to rebuild the reefs, scientists need to know which areas of our planet they need help the most.

Coral reefs in danger

To find out coral reefs, exactly where the oceans are under greater threat of extinction, scientists used computer modeling. The researchers were able to find out what will happen to reefs in certain parts of the world with different indicators of water temperature, acidity, wind, intensity of fishing, and other indicators. Unfortunately, in most cases, computer modeling has shown that coral reefs are doomed to almost complete extinction.

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According to scientists, the regions that are currently suitable for the growth and development of coral reefs by 2045 could be unfavorable for this places. If mankind will not take any measures to protect coral reefs by 2100 they can be completely erased from the face of the Earth. However, according to one of the study’s authors Renee Setter, small, suitable for the growth of coral reefs area may remain in some regions of the red sea and off the coast of the Mexican Baja California.

However, this is not a reason to relax. According to scientists, even the most suitable for the growth of coral reefs are close to river mouths. Because of this there is a risk that even these reefs are destroyed under the influence of dirty water. However, the greatest danger to coral reefs is still warm and the oxidized water.

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As mentioned above, the problem of the gradual disappearance of coral worries scientists for a long time. To restore them, even scientists were going to print the reefs on a 3D printer, while retaining their chemical composition and structure. More information can be found in our special article.

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