Corona in China : negative effects on the sector of smart phones

كورونا في الصين : الاثار السلبية على قطاع الهواتف الذكية– Cov in China : negative effects on the sector of smart phones

He said researchers have countries on Thursday that Huawei Technologies will be among the hardest hit by the collapse of the sales of Chinese smartphones in the first quarter because of the spread of MERS-CoV in China, they reduced their estimates for the biggest market for phones in the world.

Said canteen based in Hong Kong, which used its forecast broadly in the chips and cell phones is booming in Asia, in the summary of the latest report, it reduced its estimates for sales of non-electronic for smartphones in China during the interaction by 50 percent and for sales in the first quarter is generally 20%.

It is forecast the growth of the entire global market, she said that those cuts will most likely be sales globally will be currently stable on an annual basis in 2020.

Said Tom Kang, research director has the research countries ”in general, we believe that the virus will be contained in the March (the March).

Corona in China : negative effects on the sector of smart phones

”But, it may take another two months to hinder the economic activities in China fully to normal. We expect negative growth in the first and second quarters of 2020, the smart phone market in China and the world“.

Said Flora Tang tee have countries that Oppo and Vivo would be affected also as the company are on sales channels non-electronic. But the effect on sales of the Shao-Wu plus oil will be less most likely as they focus more on the sales electronic and overseas.

According to the estimates of the countries also the sales of the iPhone produced by Apple could lose nearly a million units over its decision to keep its stores traditional closed until 15 February.

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