Corruption as it is: Trump will allow Apple not to remove WeChat from the Chinese App Store

What must happen for 95% of users to suddenly abandon the iPhone? It is really difficult to imagine such a situation. After all, even if Apple transfers its smartphones to Android, most likely it will be able to retain at least some audience. It will be enough to simply explain that iOS has outlived its usefulness, and Android is the most advanced platform that has ever existed. It is clear that this will never happen. However, a situation that could lead to the abandonment of the iPhone by 95% of Chinese users exists, and it is a ban on the use of WeChat, which could not go unnoticed by Apple and those who are not indifferent to its fate.

WeChat will remain in the Chinese App Store to keep local users from ditching iPhones

Где Apple будет делать iPhone при плохих отношениях с Китаем

Donald Trump decided to adjust the ban on US companies' cooperation with the Chinese media concern Tencent, the developer of the WeChat messenger. Bloomberg reports this citing sources in the US presidential administration. Obviously, the reason for this was the danger of ousting Apple from the Chinese market, since 95% of users promised to abandon the iPhone if they were banned from using WeChat. Despite the fact that there has never been any talk of banning the messenger in the iOS environment, Apple would have had to remove it from the App Store , making it difficult to update.

Apple to be kicked out of China?

Banning WeChat would lead to a logical refusal of the local population from the iPhone

The Bloomberg report notes that the indulgences planned by the working group on limiting the cooperation of American companies with Tencent could be quite substantial. In addition to the fact that Donald Trump's office does not plan to interfere with the joint work of Apple and other American enterprises with Tencent, for example, by allowing WeChat to be kept in the App Store, they are also going to abandon blocking the messenger in the United States. That is, it will not be possible to download it on the territory of the United States, but tourists from China will still be able to use it.

Почему блокировка TikTok повредит Apple . Сильно повредит

Obviously, this decision was made for a reason. Apple could not help but understand what the risk is if it is banned from posting WeChat in the App Store . In this case, she could lose not only the app store, which the Chinese authorities could easily block, as they have already done with Google and Facebook services, but also lose most of the iPhone buyers. After all, for the Chinese, WeChat is not just a tool for communication, it is a super-platform with extensive functionality that allows you to apply for government services, pay for purchases, read news and much more.

Why WeChat is unique

Donald Trump and Tim Cook are friends, which has repeatedly become the reason for ambiguous hints.

WeChat is very important for Chinese users. It combines the functions of communication, contactless payments, e-commerce, receiving government services, news and much more. Therefore, if WeChat is banned from the Chinese App Store, we tend to believe that iPhone sales in China will fall dramatically. As a result, this could reduce the total shipments of branded Apple smartphones by 30% from the current indicators, – said analyst at TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple хотят засудить за брак в MacBook Pro 2016 и 2017 года

I admit that Trump agreed to the indulgence, not least thanks to his friendship with Tim Cook, despite the fact that he was ready to sacrifice iPhone sales . As you know, the US President and Apple CEO have become very close lately. They occasionally dine together, play golf, and Trump even wished Cook a Merry Christmas. In the US, this is a very revealing gesture, indicating a close relationship, given that it was a purposeful call. But how does it all look from the outside? After all, if Cook really took advantage of his friendship with Trump to advocate for Apple's interests, this is nothing more than corruption. Therefore, if one of the opponents of the current US president becomes interested in this topic and begins to dig deeper, problems for him and his friend Cook are guaranteed up to resignation.

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