County Huawei will lead to the decline of the semiconductor market grew by 4% in the second quarter of the year

مقاطعة هواوي ستؤدي لإنخفاض إيرادات سوق أشباه الموصلات بنسبة 4% في الربع الثاني من العام

The amount of damage to do with following the crisis of the embargo and the full range of major American companies there are also harm will come to the market in general, the semiconductor market will be affected particularly by what the report revealed the purchase of CLSA based on the fact that Huawei accounted for 8% of the total revenue of semiconductor companies in the first quarter of 2019 an estimated 35 – 40 million, with the expectation of lower contribution in the feeding of these revenues by approximately 4% during the second quarter of the current year.

Came expectations based on that Huawei has increased the demand for components and chips its smart phones manufacturer in the United States before the period of the 3 to 6 months of imposing the ban on it, to be it had to provide enough for a year taking into consideration that they have increased the income of American companies are fake the right expression, as the demand did not agree with the plan of manufacturing and the market situation in this period is cooperation.

Where exceeded revenue semiconductor company of America, which include both Qualcomm and Intel expectations in the first quarter of the year with the expectation the story in the third-quarter results, which will shadow him on those companies in the second half of the year and causes a marked decline in revenues with the continuation of the crisis.

On the other hand, the report stated, Being firm Huawei has already developed the third of the components used in its products by itself; it has expressed the ambition to reach for 90% of self-sufficiency, but they never set that stage after the time that you take another challenge on the level of software development and operating system of its own.

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