Coup d’etat coming for Snapchat with stories longer-lasting publications of the permanent

إنقلاب قادم لسناب شات بمشاركات وقصة تدوم لفترة أطول ومنشورات دائمة

I knew Snapchat and his fame between the users and the content of the story and posts the video or photo do not last and fade after a certain period; but it seems that this approach will not last long according to an exclusive report to Reuters the work of the organization to add new updates will its approach followed since its creation in 2011 the content lasts for a longer period of time existing or by the emergence of a permanent cessation to those close to the company line.

There is also a choice of equipment to highlight the identity of the pioneers of Snapchat who post snap back, to be the beginning of a new era for the social platform will play an important role in the life of the app on the phones of the users and the passion for them as well as the label before the application of other spices, which enjoy a similar approach.

In time to be home a suitable place to bring new users interested in the views display the content of that permanency with the possibility to watch it outside the home which helps in adoption as a source of news or information can refer to it at any time as a solution the problems I’ve always suffered from Snape.

It will also allow a new door of income to offset some of the losses that shackle by the organization during the past years where I have seen their revenues decline significantly with the loss of the streak in number of users.

According to the source the decision to snap that comes with the study of sterile about the settings of privacy and other considerations which require the availability of publications to the public like such as may be subject to this influence shackles of its longer detection, “the person who created them” with the possibility of deletion, the user has to taste.

To keep the question here is Will this plan succeed or will be an abstract attempt by Snape to please shareholders in the midst of the region, recently taking into consideration the large proportion of users of Snape is the current interested to the principle of the privacy of the user and what will be their reaction; or that the company is striving to bring it to the level of public users to serve the interests of its bulk with the non-observance of this aspect.

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