Courses in programming and e-marketing free for a limited time (9)

In the last few years, the increased interest on the world’s programming being the most important areas of current since it is involved closely with the progress of technology, there are lots of companies which always emphasized the importance of learning programming. There are plenty of educational courses on the Internet to learn how to develop applications and programs and even websites. We at TIC voight as usual we’ll share the best courses in programming, web design, montage, and also e-marketing payments which become free for a limited time, so you can get the best educational materials, free of charge.

1 – All courses in this article only in English, and to get it requires a free registration with the site Udemy.
2. There are courses in web design and Android applications in Arabic can be obtained from the initiative of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

Courses in programming for free for a limited time:

  • Development template PHP using Webflow
  • Convert HTML 5 to template WP
  • The programming language Ruby from scratch
  • Develop Android apps from scratch
  • The basics of web development

Courses in e-marketing free for a limited time:

  • Believe the results of the search engines Google, Yahoo! and the
  • Believe the results of search engine Google images
  • Introduction to service Ahrefs to determine the competitors
  • Management and strategies of marketing in social media sites.

Courses in other areas for free for a limited time:

  • Publishing books on Kindle
  • Start your podcast
  • Modify the video and add the service program Adobe extract

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  • Hint: How do you get all the courses site Linda free?

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