“Cover”.. a free app to design book covers

Whether you thought of publishing your book on paper or electronically, it is indispensable to wrap up the title well does the design please the eye, so it is important to highlight a free application called “casing”, may also help you to design the cover of a professional for your business easily.

Thanks in submit the application to “cover” all the writers and publishers to the platform we wrote for personal growth, which presents itself as the first platform for electronic publishing in Egypt and the Arab world.

Apply the “cover” is a tool that is easy and simple and can be used without complexity, all you have to do is add the basic data for the book, such as title and author, type of book, in the space provided therefore, and then choose the right background, to provide application to accomplish the rest of the design.

The data for the app on the Google Play Store to that space 20 MB almost, and it runs on Android 4.2 and newer ones.

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